Pascale Bellot

Pascale Bellot




Under the tutelage of renowned Québecois artist Raymond R. Picard, Pascale Bellot began studying pastel painting classes in Sorel, Québec at age fourteen. Subsequently, she moved to Montréal’s Plateau Mont-Royal and was drawn to the winding external stairs; a common architectural feature of the neighborhood. They stood in stark contrast to anything which she had seen in her rural upbringing and she found them to be emblematic of the people of Montréal: sometimes spiritual, elegant, warm, faithful, and even good dancers! These staircases have become her favorite subject in recent years and are an integral feature of her work.


Sorel, Québec.1964.


Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Québec, in other Canadian provinces and in Europe; "Les Peintres du Dimanche", La Prairie, 2000; 2nd "Salon des Créateurs" Longueuil, December 2000; "Studio Couleur d'art", May 2003.


Private collections in Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States; Me Lana Burns, Victoria, B.C.; Service professional de Placement Christine Pelletier, St-Lambert; Yellow Group, Ottawa, Ontario; Cooper & Stein, Toronto, Ontario; Me David Shapiro, Glasgow, Scotland; Dr. Carl Lowder Jr., Louisiana, U.S.A.; Genos Furs, Oklahoma City, U.S.A.; Arlette Cousture, writer, Québec; La Cage aux Sports Restaurants, Québec.


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