Patrick Beaudin

Patrick Beaudin

Artistic approach

Patrick Beaudin’s art is reminiscent of the Western European tradition of graffiti, where the image is made by collage or by stencil for swift execution they allow. The same urgency to create lives in the artist. Far from the wild and militant position, Patrick Beaudin’s work wins in poetry and in graphic quality with colored and congenial subjects.
A multi-faceted artist, he uses a palette knife, brushes and even his fingers, so pressing is his urge to create. The thick stroke of oil pastel underlines his gestural approach. The use of collage allows the artist to organize the space of the canvas by creating superimposed planes and to use the text as a pictorial motif.
Inspired at once by nature and by current art, Patrick Beaudin’s is decidedly contemporary, with a touch of humour…


Mixed: Acrylic paint, oil pastel and collage.


Holding degrees in Fine Arts, Graphic Designer and 3D Animation, Patrick Beaudin is a multidisciplinary artist. After having followed this classic curriculum in arts and visual communication, he was attracted by Urban Art where he could express himself freely with the materials of his choice and contrast nature and culture in a spontaneous and amusing fashion.


Born in Longueuil (Québec) 1974


Numerous group exhibitions across the province of Québec.