Réginaldo Paris

Réginaldo Paris




Reginaldo Paris is a painter and illustrator brimming with creative energy. His first contact with art was made by drawing comic strips, which is where he drew his sense of perspective, balance and composition. His meeting with top designers (Gilles Chapel, Pierre Seron, Anselm Kieffer, etc.) helped make him aware of his personal approach and to clearly define his own identity and artistic creativity.
These masters played a role which triggered the artist in him. It is in direct contact with the matter that Reginaldo Paris draws his inspiration. Experimentation, technique and a mixture of textures characterize his art. ‘’I think the work itself comes from absolute inspiration. It allows me to explore, experiment, then I set myself on an idea, on an image, and a dream comes true.’’
Painting for Reginaldo, is a slow and deep process. ‘’I paint in sections, making a series on a particular topic that may take several months to several years to create.’’ Each step is for him a new encounter with the canvas and with his emotions. The artist expresses himself spiritually or esoterically, via the medium. It is this exploratory experience that he converts into matter and texture.


Provence, France 1973. Now lives in Canada


Nearly 20 exhibitions Montréal region and more than thirty since the start of his career in 1996 in France.


Corporate and private across North America and France.