Regis Canuel

Regis Canuel

Artistic approach

Régis Canuel has abandoned his mining profession to become an sculptor without any previous training. The attraction he feels for the metal leads him to explore another profession: the artistic one. Although he uses materials such as concrete, stone and steel which sometimes have a reputation of being cold and raw, the artist tries to giving to each piece a sense of lightness, warmth, roundness and texture. By taking forms inspired by nature, he seeks to express the peace, the quiet and the beauty. In a creative impulse, he materializes birds and fishes by using overlapped metal ribbons to evoke a gentle breeze in the heat of summer or the roundness of the waves of the calm surface water…


Recycled metals: stainless steel, titanium, bronze, cooper…


Régis Canuel has worked in the copper mines between 17 and 21 years. After leaving the North, he worked in green building construction. That’s how ‘the worker’ becomes an artist when he discovered the goldmine of recycling materials like wood, metal and concrete. He remembers the mine welders who meticulously worked; just like goldsmiths. As a self-taught artist he masters the sculpture without welding. The artist cuts, folds, polishes, hammers and assembles recycled metals. There’s no question for him: he won't weld the metal ever.


He was born in Matagami, a small town in north Québec.


Régis Canuel has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Quebec and the US east coast. Besides the galleries that represent him as many of his public art sculptures that can be admired in different places.


Gold medal for the artwork ‘Cobalteresse’ at the 22nd edition of the annual competition of The Circle of Visual and Sculpture artists from Quebec.

Media coverage

Several articles on press have been published about his career. To name some of them: La Presse, Le Soleil and the special cultural weekly “Voir’’.