Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy




Honors Magna Cum Laude, Design & Illustration, L’Académie des Couturiers Canadiens.
Sarah Murphy creates her own language, which goes beyond stylistic constraints and captures her intense spirit and playfulness. It has often been said about her figurative work, that she has taken Matisse and gone further.
Her variety of paintings points out the versatility of an artist who moves from still life to figurative without compromising her identity. Ms. Murphy has developed a unique vocabulary of palette and style that she employs with enticing effect. Her palettes are of a variety of mediums, watercolors, oils, acrylics, all of which she uses with ease and confidence.




International collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Spain, 2002; Miami, Florida and Manhattan, New York, USA, 2003; Paris, France, 2003 and 2004; Numerous solo exhibitions and symposium participations in various municipalities in the greater Montréal area, 2002-2007.


Private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the USA, France and Spain.


Montréal Womens Art Society, Membership, Montréal, Québec.


Museum of Latin Art, Honorary Member, Miami, Florida, USA; Montréal Womens Art Society, Mention 2nd place.

Media coverage

September 2002, Magazin’Art, Québec; December 2003, Magazin’Art, Québec; Special mention: Journal d’Espagne, Josep Cadena, Spains' most respected art critic, Barcelona, Spain, 2002.