Sylvie Champoux

Sylvie Champoux

Artistic approach

As a child, Sylvie Champoux dreamed of adopting a wild animal. Finally, she had to content herself with drawing them. She likes to observe them in action, mostly in their natural habitats. She is inspired by their mystery and their beauty as well as their humor! The paintings of Sylvie Champoux are expressive and colourful tributes to the movement and vitality of the animals around us. She seeks to highlight their particular mood and character. The works of Champoux are all more charming than the others and make the child in each of us smile.


Mixed media.


Sylvie Champoux’s passion for art and animals flourished at a very young age. It was by attending animal art workshops that she realized she could synthesize them. Quickly, she develops skills in drawing, ceramics and painting. Her quest for creativity and novelty will push her to work with various mixed media as well as change her naturalistic compositions to a more expressive and contemporary style.


Born in Repentigny, Quebec in 1967.


Sylvie Champoux has participated in numerous group exhibitions on painting, arts and wildlife since 2001.


Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry MRC Deux-Montagne (CCI2M).


Public Prize; Mascouche Painting Festival (2003); Brownsburg Arts Building Exhibition (2004); Symposium of Bois-des-Filion (2004).