Sylvie Grondin

Sylvie Grondin

Artistic approach

The non-figurative was almost immediately imposed in her creative process. Abstract by definition, Grondin likes her art to be suggestive. She pursues a process of discovery and exploration with mixed media and printmaking. In this quest, textures, superimpositions of matter and glazes of colors reveal all the depth and transparency of her creations.
"My work ends when I feel that a great harmony emerges from the whole. I have the impression that one more gesture would clog it up and one less would miss, "she said.


Mixed and print.


Her training consists of courses and workshops in printmaking, painting and drawing at Engramme, Maison Blanchette Art Center, Noëlla Dionne Workshops, Art Craft School of Mont-Laurier, Laval University and of course, a great place for experimentation and personal research. Her teachers were Noëlla Dionne, Madeleine Samson, Lise Vézina, Dominique Sarrazin, Noriko Imaï and Truong Chanh Trung.


Sylvie Grondin lives and works in Quebec City.


Her works are exhibited in galleries in Quebec, Montreal and since December 2018 in Shanghai. Her works of art has been presented in France, Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, USA and Japan.


The art of Sylvie Grondin is part of private collections in Canada, United States, Switzerland, France, Japan and public collections: Quebec City and Engram.


She is a member of group such RAAV professional status, CAPSQ-Circle of Artists Painters and Sculptors of Quebec, Mécén'Art, Paradox-Collective of artists in visual arts, Engram-Center of production in print and diffusion in contemporary art.


In 2011, in Marennes France, during the International Festival of Francophone cultures, a bronze medal and a diploma of honor awarded Sylvie Grondin for the originality, the aesthetic and technical value of his work "Prise 2". At the same event, her contribution to the influence of visual art on the international scene was highlighted.