Tim Cotterill Frogman

Tim Cotterill Frogman

Artistic approach

During the 1970s and 80s, Tim Cotterill successfully launched a series of animal and bird sculptures cast in steel, bronze, and gold. Already finding a measure of international achievement, the artist moved to California in 1990. It was in his new home, living by a pond, where Cotterill developed his interest in frogs; eventually earning him the epithet of Frogman. His fascination with these creatures focused on their unique colour marks and personalities. Deciding to make them his primary subject, Frogman sought to convey each of these characteristics into his sculptures. Coincidentally, given that frogs are a traditional symbol of luck and energy, Frogman’s newfound theme garnered him with a reputation as the largest selling bronze artist in the world. At present, his pieces are widely recognized and can be found in art collections spanning the globe.




At age 15, Tim Cotterill (Frogman) left school to pursue a six year engineering apprenticeship. It was here when he developed his fascination for, and talent in, metalworking. The subjects of his early artistic endeavors include metal sculptures of wheeled vehicles, animals, and birds.


Born in Leicester, England, in 1950.


The Frogman’s artwork is represented in fine art galleries world-wide.


Private art collections around the world.