Yvan Bédard

Yvan Bédard

Artistic approach

After experimenting with drawing, watercolor, painting and sculpture in parallel with photography, it was with the arrival of digital photography in the early 2000s, where the artist found his favorite way of revealing beauty of our world by combining his love of the arts, nature and technology. By his own admission, "Nothing pleases me more than sharing with you my passion for the magnificent scenes offered by nature and the serenity they provide ..." Yvan Bédard finished, prints and exhibits his own photographs. Very few professional photographers cover the entire production process of a photograph, which allows him to offer works completely made by the artist, which is very rare these days.




University Emeritus Professor recipient of several R&D awards, author and international speaker, consultant in geomatic engineering, Yvan Bédard is a man of science, nature and art. But, those who know him well say that he is above all a man of passion. Now dedicates himself exclusively to artistic landscape photography of Quebec, North America and Europe.


The artist lives in Neuville, one of the oldest villages in North America located on the banks of the St-Lawrence River.


The artist has participated in several exhibitions across North America.


Private collections in North America and Europe.